When you are designing and developing a site for an architecture firm, you need to think big.  Both on actual scope of the site itself, and on the visuals.

So, we had to build a site with the idea of large photos and videos of the properties that EAPC built.  Not only that, but the site needed to be snappy and load all those large images quickly and efficiently.  We also needed something that was flexible enough to basically design any page using a series of blocks (before the days of Gutenberg).  It seemed like quite the undertaking at the time.

We worked with EAPC’s marketing director to make sure that all sections of the site were visually pleasing and we could make some focused areas more prominent than others.  Also, upkeep had to be easy enough for anyone in their marketing department to handle it.

In the end, we made a very visually appealing site that, even though it’s over 3 years old, still looks quite good and functions really well on mobile.

Design by Anchor Marketing

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