When it comes to agriculture news, there are few local sources that produce as much content than Red River Farm Network.  This was obvious when they asked us to review their old site and saw how much traffic and the amount of unique visitors the site had.

The biggest issue was that they were a news site, but their old site was set up to replace the old content without any kind of archival system. So, when people would try to read an article that was only a week or two old, or listen to a podcast that had only been posted yesterday, sometimes that content would *poof* into thin air. That is not a solid strategy to drive SEO and more traffic.

With a handful of news sites as examples, we forged a new path for them that allowed them to create a number of categorized podcasts and keep a huge archive of both news articles and audio clips, with a true podcast format instead of the replacement setup they had working before.

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